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The Caledonia VidiVici features a classic blade design putter with advancedtechnologies. By combining various materials like soft carbon steel andaluminum we have created a putter with hardly any weight behind the face andsole in the center section. We have moved the spared weight to toe and heelto maximize MOI and to enlarge the sweet spot drastically. The face can bemilled in three different impact feels the extra softCaledonia-Cross-Grooves, the mild Caledonia-Horizontal-Grooves and the crispnon-grooved Caledonia-Plain-Face. The ViviVici is equally equipped with allthe fitting options Caledonia offers throughout the complete range ofputters.

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Hosel and Finish

The different hosel and sole weights enable the construction of clubface balances between 0 degrees and 90 degrees. The so-called hang should be measured individually in order to achieve the optimum moments of impact.

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Perfection for your requirements

In den jeweiligen Materialkategorien sind die statischen Gewichte der Peripherschrauben identisch unabhängig von den optionalen Farbkombinationen.

Stahlschrauben im Paar 14 Gramm
Aluschrauben im Paar 4 Gramm

Individuelle Farb- und Gewichtskombinationen auf Anfrage.

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2 Degree

Loft & Lie

On all Caledonia models, the desired lofts and lies are already precision-milled during the production process. Due to the high tolerances, we do not adapt these manually at a later stage on bending machines.

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Shaft and Grip

Every Caledonia putter comes with real leather grips from the Australian market leader "The Gripmaster".

Optional colours, sizes and materials are available.

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